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Custom WordPress Development

You are planning an ambitious WordPress project and need custom solution? We will make your idea into high quality plugin or theme.

WordPress is an open system of managing content started in 2003.Despite the fact, that it was primarily developed for blogs, today the biggest world brands use it to create outstanding websites and web applications. As J15 Digital we have been helping our clients developing businesses based on that platform for many years.

Typical issues

Off-the-shelf plug-ins and WordPress themes are often made to suit the biggest amount of clients possible and this approach has specific consequences.

  • there could be more than one plug-in that is responsible for one specific task and this can cause conflicts and unnecessary performance degradation.
  • a wide functionality makes a website much harder to handle, especially for new employees, which can increase a possibility of high-cost mistakes.
  • a lack of needed control over data.
  • extension actualizations can change functionality in an unexpected and undesirable way.
  • a lack of control over maintenance of extensions (e.g. an author abandons his product or changes functionality that is crucial for our service in an unwanted way).

For whom?

Dedicated WordPress solutions are not for everyone. Here are some examples of businesses that need them:

  • Content websites that look for optimal tools and solutions
  • Companies valuing reliability and image on the Internet
  • Entrepreneurs who value their time
  • Advertising agencies and graphic design studios that search for programming backing to fulfill ambitious projects

Examples of custom solutions

  • Tools for advanced and comfortable edition and content organization
  • Solutions supporting eCommerce (also WooCommerce)
  • Integration between WordPress Plug-ins or with other services
  • Adapting software to a specific working method
  • Unique and optimized themes
  • Solutions increasing user involvement
  • Digital content distribution
  • Client panels and web services offering membership
  • Dedicated integration with payment gateways

What is working with J15 Digital like:

Optimal solutions

We look for the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We are a team of experienced programmers who constantly broaden their knowledge in our field of expertise. We are deeply passionate about what we do, constantly getting to know every technological novelty. We will help you find the best solutions which would meet your needs and budget requirements.

Unlimited possibilities

We have a wide experience in building different tools and solutions. Thanks to our great knowledge of the platform we make business needs into powerful services and apps.

Long-term cooperation

As J15 Digital we are approachable to our partners. We advise in technological issues. Working as an extension team, we are able to work out optimal cooperation methods. Our goal is to provide our clients and partners with great software.

Let’s talk about your project

Contact us, and we will help you analyze your project and choose the best solutions, that will help your project get on another level!

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