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Hello! We are J15 Digital, a software house heavily focused on WordPress and custom web apps.

We help businesses

Build online presence and/or work smarter


We have a track record of successfully helping clients to innovate in their areas of expertise and out-smart competition by implementing right software solutions.

Save money & hassle

Hiring programmers is expensive and managing them is challenging for most people. With us on your side, you don't have to bother anymore.

Our Process

How your project would look like


Thanks to our years-long experience we know perfectly well that starting a project correctly guarantees its success. That is why the first step in our process is to create a detailed business requirements analysis.

Deep understanding of our clients' needs is absolutely crucial to provide them with best service possible.


Knowing all the requirements that our clients have we can start planning project by choosing the best technical solutions, best suited work schedule, and methodology. It is very important to find an optimal strategy that would be perfect for our customers’ business.


After choosing solution, schedule, and methodology it is time for implementation. Turning the plan into reality requires wide range of skills and creativity.

Our team consists of highly-skilled specialists who, thanks to their deep technical knowledge, are able to complete tasks perfectly based on up-to-date technologies.


When our programming work is completed, there comes an issue of providing customers with useful training materials, for them to be able to use the software efficiently. We prepare video tutorials or set up an online courses, and stay available for our clients for any further questions.

Next one

Throughout the years of working we managed to evolve optimal organizational approach and effective manner of contact with customers to understand them better.

A vast majority of our clients decide to stay with us for their next projects. With each project our cooperation improves as we learn client’s way of doing things.

We are easy to work with

Here’s some things you have to know

Remote work is our bread and butter. We know how to communicate efficiently and make it as easy for our client as possible.

We are based in Poland, a beautiful, developed European country. Engineering force is great here, but labor is much less expensive than in western countries.

We’ve worked with clients from many different countries. The time difference between New York and Poland is just 6 hours, so it won’t be a big issue.

Creativity is our strength. We do our best to find simplest, most performant solutions to make our clients’ lives easier. Deep technical knowledge of our subjects of focus let’s us do it particularly well.

We are flexible. You can hire us on per project basis, get a customized maintenance service, or even use as as a outsourced tech department.

We’re no strangers to the white label work. If your agency needs reliable web development partner, we would love to help .

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